The History of Radiators is Thermal Solutions Manufacturing

The History of Radiators is Thermal Solutions Manufacturing

Back on October 1,1908, no one realized the massive revolution that was started by the introduction of the Model T from Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford sought to put the world on wheels by offering the first car that was mass produced and affordable. Over the next twenty years, more than 15 million Model T’s were built and sold before the end of the first era of Ford automobiles. 

Today, the Model T is universally considered to be the birth of the automobile. It is the standard, the original, the widely recognized pioneer.

The same descriptions can be applied to Thermal Solutions Manufacturing when it comes to radiators. 

Starting in 1915, one of our ancestor companies, G&O Manufacturing, began manufacturing radiators for Model T owners who needed an aftermarket replacement of their engine cooling components. The roots of Thermal Solutions Manufacturing go back to the very beginning of engine cooling and thermal management.

Over the past 106 years, our company has continued to set the standard and pioneer the radiator and heat transfer industry. Thermal Solutions Manufacturing and the companies it includes are known for:

  • manufacturing the highest quality radiators and heat exchangers, 
  • providing unmatched customer service, 
  • boasting the industry’s largest nationwide network
  • continually innovation to improve thermal management performance
  • unique capabilities for custom spec heat exchanger design and manufacturing

Today, our company is comprised of Thermal Solutions Manufacturing, TSM Champ and MexPar. Thermal Solutions Manufacturing is one of the leading suppliers of heat exchange and diesel emissions products to the heavy duty and industrial aftermarket as well as marine OEM’s. With over 20 branches, two distribution centers, and six manufacturing facilities in North America, our footprint is wide and continuously growing.

TSM’s product lines include our Heavy Duty line of radiators for industrial machinery and class 8 trucks and buses. In addition, our Heavy Duty line serves the agricultural and mining aftermarkets. TSM Champ designs and manufactures OE quality heat exchangers for marine engine manufacturers and aftermarket retailers. Finally, our legacy Ready Rad line is the sole provider of radiators for vintage and classic cars and trucks. 

Thermal Solutions Manufacturing is continuing to lead the thermal management and heat exchanger industry with quality products, unbeatable service and value for our customers. 

If you would like to see how TSM can support your radiator and heat exchanger product needs, reach out to us today!