4 Reasons Why Marine OE’s Succeed with TSM Champ

4 Reasons Why Marine OE’s Succeed with TSM Champ

For nearly 50 years, marine OE’s have been working with TSM Champ to provide heat exchangers and cooling products for their engines. From tried and true shell and tube radiators to coolers for oil, fuel, transmission or power steering, TSM Champ manufactures them all.

Here are 4 reasons why marine OE’s succeed by working with TSM Champ:

1. History of Innovation & Experience

OE’s in the marine industry know our team at TSM Champ has been designing and developing cooling products for their engines for decades. The combined experience of our current team is measured in hundreds of years in the marine industry. Many of our team members have been in the marine industry for 30 or 40 years. We know what works, and what marine OE’s need in heat exchanger cooling products. 

Further, our research and development operations at TSM Champ goes back nearly 50 years and has been at the forefront of new technology for marine engines. Sure, there’s the tried and true shell & tube radiator. But, today, our line of products is among the largest in the world. 

2. Highest Quality Products

This has always been a calling card of TSM Champ, and for good reason. It’s not hard to stay in business with poor quality — it’s impossible. The demands on marine engines requires radiators and cooling products that the durable, reliable and of the highest quality. There’s just not any other way TSM Champ would ever consider doing business.

Utilizing our 68,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Sarasota, Florida, our team at TSM Champ uses only the highest quality source materials and processes to build all of our marine engine cooling products.  The largest marine engine brands know components from TSM Champ are top quality — every time. 

3. Custom Applications

In addition to our top quality products, we also go even further by working with marine OE’s to design and develop custom applications to meet their specifications. This capability sets TSM Champ apart and is due to the success of our research and development team. Our experts utilize state-of-the art computer modeling equipment which enables our engineering team to build what you need, when you need it.

Our team works with marine boat engine manufacturers to design and produce heat exchangers that are custom to each OE’s application whether their specific need is around connectors, tooling, engine size or internal change needs.

4. Customer Service

Everyone wants to work with people they know and trust, and that are easy to work with. Working with TSM Champ is exactly that. Marine OE’s know our team has the expertise they need to get them the components they need, and our people are committed to providing those products as quickly and easily as possible. Our people really make the difference with their experience, expertise and genuine commitment to our customers.

If you’re working with us already, we thank you. And, we know you’ve experienced for yourself these four reasons TSM Champ is your source for marine engine cooling components. If you’re not working with us now, give us a call or reach out here on our website and let us show you how TSM Champ can help you succeed.