The Marine Industry’s Trusted Cooling Products

In the marine industry, everyone knows the requirements on engines run high. Typical usage is demanding and keeping engines cool is a must every single day. This is exactly why OE’s in the marine engine industry look to TSM Champ. When it comes to reliability and durability, there’s no better choice than engine cooling products from TSM Champ.

TSM Champ is made up of the combined resources, experience and team of R&D and Champ Marine. Our commitment to innovation is shown by our in-house research and development lab that offers complete prototype capability. The company holds multiple patents for original designs, and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. With a continuous improvement system in place to ensure that quality is built into every product they make, TSM Champ proves its commitment to quality from concept, to design, to delivery.

Products that cool marine engines are at the heart of our mission at TSM Champ. Whether you need heat exchange products to cool engine water, oil or fuel or transmission oil or hydraulic oil, we have the industry’s highest quality products and through our nationwide network of manufacturing plants and branches, we can get them to you faster and more consistently.

Marine Products

We have the right equipment to meet whatever heat-exchanger demands our customers may have. Our new modern, 33,000 sq. ft. facility with state-of-the art computer modeling equipment enables our engineering team to build what you need, when you need it.

  • Engine water coolers
  • Tube and Shell
  • Tube and Shell (Concentric)
  • Tube & Fin
  • Tube & Plate

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Marine Products

We offer a wide range of oil coolers that help improve overall system performance. They meet virtually every system requirement for maintaining safe fluid operating temperatures to protect engine components.

  • Engine oil coolers
  • Fuel coolers
  • Hydraulic oil coolers
  • Polymer oil coolers
  • Power steering oil coolers
  • Transmission oil coolers
  • Plate coolers

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For nearly 50 years, our team has been driving the innovation of cooling products for all aspects of recreational boats, offshore vessels and barges. TSM Champ prides itself on providing options through innovative technology for our customers.

Rubber Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers utilizing rubber tube sheet (RTS) technology consist of a header constructed of rubber to eliminate the need for the labor-intensive brazing method of heat exchanger construction. The RTS header provides the bundle construction support of a traditional header and provides the sealing solution for shell and tube fluid isolation.

Adhesive Technology

Adhesive Technology utilized in the construction of shell & tube heat exchangers is another example of that mission. Our Adhesive Technology implements an adhesive header constructed “two-part epoxy” to eliminate the need for the labor-intensive brazing method of heat exchanger construction.

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4 Reasons Why Marine OE’s Succeed with TSM Champ

For nearly 50 years, marine OE’s have been working with TSM Champ to provide heat exchangers and cooling products for their engines. From tried and true shell and tube radiators to coolers for oil, fuel, transmission or power steering, TSM Champ manufactures them all.