posted on Thursday, July 28th, 2016 in TSM News

Thermal Solutions announces the opening of two new US Branch locations

(Nashville, TN. August 01, 2016) — Thermal Solutions announces the opening of two new Branch locations in the U.S.: Salt Lake City, UT and Orlando, Fl. Both locations open August 1, 2016. Roland Ewert, Director of Sales and Marketing expressed his excitement at the further expansion of the TSM distribution footprint. With the addition of these two new locations we will be better able to service our customers “same day” which until now has been one to two day service. Additionally, we have loaded each new location with a “market specific” inventory plan. TSM is a market leader in Heavy Duty Cooling products: Cores, Truck Completes, Gen-Set units, Charge Air Coolers, Ag tractors and Automotive and Light Truck Radiators and Heaters.