Truck & Bus

In the United States, the transportation industry logs over 430 billion miles annually. When trucks work that hard, only the most durable replacement parts will do. Thermal Solutions Manufacturing offers Truck Tough radiator cores, complete radiators, condensers, charge air coolers, diesel particulate filters, and diesel oxidation filters to keep your rig breathing easy. We also offer custom radiator cores, core gaskets, and radiator tanks for anything we may not stock. Contact your local TSM branch to learn more.


When machinery is at the heart of your business, avoiding downtime and protecting ROI are priority. From airport ground support to large industrial equipment, Thermal Solutions Manufacturing can assist with durable copper/brass radiators for your specialty machinery. If we don’t list a part number for what you need, contact one of our branches to learn more about our custom building options.


When it comes to working with Mother Nature, an unplanned day off can be costly. Thermal Solutions Manufacturing understands the importance of avoiding unexpected down time. Our Tractor Tough line of copper/brass and plastic tank aluminum radiators will keep your machines cool in the most extreme climates. Don’t see a part number for your tractor? Call your local TSM branch and discuss our custom build options.


Thermal Solutions Manufacturing coverage extends beyond the water’s edge. TSM is a leading designer and manufacturer of OE level and aftermarket oil coolers and heat exchangers for watercraft. From recreational boats to 10,000+ hp ships, TSM has the knowledge and experience to keep your vessel in ship-shape.

Custom / Special Order

Thermal Solutions Manufacturing picks up where competitors leave off by offering custom builds with fast turnaround times. Our capabilities include VTW and VTH cores, custom brass tanks – even complete industrial radiators with electric drive motor assemblies. Get in touch with your local TSM branch to explore the options.


Our roots stretch back to the early 1900s when our predecessors at the G&O Manufacturing Company pioneered aftermarket cooling parts for the Ford Model T. Over 100 years later, Thermal Solutions Manufacturing continues to offer copper/brass and aluminum heater cores and radiators for all of the most popular applications on the road.